Engage your students, impress your teacher, market your school



* Thesis Papers
* Presentations
* Student Party Invitations
* Video Journalism



* Class Assignments
* Digital Media Literacy
* Book Reviews
* Lecture Presentations



* Alumni Event Promotion
* School Marketing
* New Student Onboarding
* Presentations

Many students, teachers and school administrators have successfully created animated videos.

Their secret? A good idea … and Moovly.

Whether you’re a student creating video projects, portfolios or resumes…


Or you’re a teacher looking for new ideas to engage your classroom with exciting video creation assignments…

Or you’re a school administrator looking for creative video tools to communicate to students, parents and community…

Moovly for Education has three winners! Schools can use animated videos to explain rules and guidelines. Teachers can create videos as a supplement to their lessons and students can use Moovly to demonstrate their understanding, skills and projects.

Hans Steeman – the Netherlands

Education Plans & Pricing

Moovly grants special Education Plans to teachers, students and employees with email addresses from educational email domains. Users from educational email domains known by Moovly automatically get an Edu Free plan and are further eligible to upgrade to a more advanced Edu Pro plan at an introductory price of $99/year.

Moovly is used by millions of people who work in organizations like: