(Chat)GPT built-in: use AI to generate a script about any topic and automatically convert it to video.

Text-to-Video in less than a minute, including AI voice-over, subtitles, visuals and music!

120 million media objects included in Moovly: footage, images, sounds and music – royalty free.

Generate video content with GPT

Create your videos in minutes with the newly integrated ChatGPT and other AI technologies.

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How to generate GPT videos?

Select video type

Choose which type of video you wish to generate. For example, how-to's, explainer, marketing or communication videos.

Enter your video topic

Any text will do. Simply add a video topic and a video script will automatically be generated for you.

Start video generation

Sit back and watch how Moovly generates your video for you in just seconds. You'll be able to edit the proposed video afterwards.


The same technology that created ChatGPT is now used for video generation in the most creative way!


How can AI-based video help me?

  • No writer's block

    No longer fear for the blank canvas! Let the platform propose a well-written script for you and generate a video that includes voice-over, music and visuals. Editable in every way.

  • Save costs

    No need to hire external writers for your video script. Save more of your valuable time creating your video. Let the AI help you and propose well made first versions you can fine-tune afterwards.

  • Expand your video catalog

    AI-based video generation enables you to create more videos faster and at very low costs. Expand on your video catalogue with more videos and a wider variety of topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence,” which refers to the simulation of human intelligence in computers that are programmed to perform certain “intelligent” tasks.

GPT is an example of an AI technology. It stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” and was developed by OpenAI. It is used for various applications such as language translation, text summarization, and text completion. GPT models are designed to generate human-like responses and are trained on large amounts of text data. A well known application of GPT is ChatGPT, a tool based on GPT that can engage in human-like conversations.

Moovly has integrated GPT behind the scenes, enabling you to easily and rapidly generate scripts for your video and perform smart searches for corresponding visuals within your video. Moovly also uses other AI technologies to generate voice-over narration based on your script, subtitles and translations.


Not at all, on the contrary! It makes the creation of videos easier and faster. GPT and the other AI technologies are integrated in Moovly, you don’t have to be a computer expert to use them.

To use GPT and AI in Moovly, create a new project and look for the Toolkit in the Editor. Click on “AI (GPT) Video Generation” and just follow the steps to generate your video, it takes less than a minute. The proposed video is presented to you in the Editor, which means you can make any changes you like. 


Examples of GPT-generated videos can be found on this page in the Moovly Gallery. You are able to copy any of these videos and use them as a template for your own purposes. By opening them in the Editor, you can also find out how they are created.

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