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Use the built-in AI capabilities of Moovly to easily create,  generate and edit videos in any style. Integrate Moovly with your organization’s workflows or platforms.
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AI built-in: speed-up your video creation using integrated AI from OpenAI (ChatGPT), Amazon, Google, Getty Images and Microsoft
AI text-to-Video in less than a minute, speeding up your video creation process, including AI-generated voice-over, subtitles and visuals
120 million media objects included in Moovly: footage, images, sounds and music from Getty Images, Unsplash and Soundstripe

How you can use AI to enhance your video creation

AI script generation

Enter a topic and your target audience and let our AI write a script for your video. Then generate a video proposal in less than a minute!

AI transcription

Automatically convert any voice recording (camera footage or audio-only) to text or subtitles. More than 130 languages supported!

AI voice generation

Convert any written text to a professional-sounding voice-over for your video. Choose from over 1200 voices in 150 languages and accents!

AI-based translation

Translate your video’s text content from one language to another in seconds.

AI-based asset search

Illustrate your content with suggested visuals from the asset libraries (over 120 million images, videos and sounds)

AI text summarization

Input any long text to generate a shorter video script from. Just enter the maximum number of words and let the AI do its magic.

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