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Moovly is the #1 customizable, easy-to-use solution for the creation of videos in any style. Perfect for white labelling, turn Moovly into your organization’s own video creation platform.

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(Chat)GPT built-in: use AI to generate a script about any topic and automatically convert it to video.

AI text-to-Video in less than a minute, including AI voice-over, subtitles, visuals and music!

120 million media objects included in Moovly: footage, images, sounds and music – all royalty free.

Integrate Moovly seamlessly with your media, your servers and your workflows

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Sales & Marketing

Make your own videos ads, product videos or company video in line with your company brand style.

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Learning & Development

Increase the attractiveness and quality of your training or e-learning content with video.

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Human Resources

Capture the attention of your workforce and communicate about HR matters with self-created videos. 


Provide extras to your customers and enable them to update video content or leave timestamped feedback.

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Internal Comms

Keep staff, employees or workers up-to-date with videos made as easy as PowerPoint.

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Enable video creation for students, teachers, faculty or staff with your institution’s own version of Moovly.

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Sell more with our
E-commerce Video Maker

Our unique E-commerce video maker will make selling products on your web store so much faster and easier. Simply connect your chosen e-commerce platform account to our platform and start making product videos in minutes


Easy. Professional. Award-winning.

Start your video creation journey like millions of other Moovly users with our award-winning online video editing tools.

Create videos
in any style

Whether you prefer footage-based videos, motion graphics, cartoon or doodle style: Moovly enables you to create videos in any style you like, even your organization’s brand style.

Start from scratch
or from a template

Pick a template from our growing list of professionally made video templates and modify it to meet your needs. Or start from a blank canvas and build your video the way you like it.

Review and comment projects on the go

Invite others to provide timestamped in-video feedback on your projects. Turn Moovly into your video collaboration platform, aligned with your workflow.

Easily apply expert features in one click

Add voice-over using hundreds of artificial voices, automatically generate subtitles and have them translated into any language. Apply stunning animations and effects with the click of a mouse.

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