The General Data Protection RegulationGDPR – impacts all companies and organizations in Europe. The following video is an awareness video for employees, created by Wolters-Kluwer and Moovly. The video can be used by any organization that wants to inform its employees about GDPR and can be adapted easily by all Moovly users with a yearly Pro subscription.

Would you like to:

  • put your logo on this video?
  • add your internal GDPR contact person?
  • modify or cut a part of the content?
  • translate the video or change its colors, photos or footage?

Just purchase a yearly Moovly Pro subscription – only $299 or about €250 – and request your copy of the video via the contact form below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made this video?

Moovly and Wolters-Kluwer created this video together. Wolters-Kluwer is a Europe-wide information services company for the legal, business, tax, finance and healthcare markets. GDPR is one of its key specialties, so the content of this video is based on expertise and experience in this field. As every organization needs to prepare its employees for GDPR, this adaptable awareness video is an important part of the GDPR toolkit.


How can I obtain this video?

If you have a yearly Moovly Pro subscription, just contact us using the form below and we’ll share the video with you. If you don’t have a yearly Moovly Pro subscription yet, you can purchase one here.


What can I do with this video?

You can use this video to raise awareness on GDPR in your organization and inform your employees. If the video does not meet your exact needs, you can customize it, add or cut parts, add your logo or contact info, change the voice over, translate it… You’ll have access to the full source of this video in Moovly and you can make any changes you like. Moovly is an easy video editing application for non-expert users, so anyone with general computer skills can modify this video. You can also duplicate the video and derive as many versions from it as you want.


Can I change the voice over?

Yes you can! When we share the video with you, you’ll also get a small toolkit including the script of the video, instructions on how to obtain voice-over changes and tips to further customize your video.


Is this video available in other languages?

This video template is also available in Dutch and shortly also in French. For more information in Dutch, see this page.

Request the GDPR video

The GDPR video is available for free to all users with a yearly Moovly Pro subscription. If you don’t have this subscription yet, first purchase one here. If you don’t have a Moovly account yet, you can easily create one here.