Create your own Season’s Greetings animation!

Happy 2014! In this time of year, you will probably send your season's greetings to your friends, family or business contacts. This is your chance to be different this year, and surprise them with an animated video!

Moovly allows you to do that in an easy way and for free

Here's how to do it:

  1. Login to Moovly and click the New Project button to create a new animated video. Or scroll down to My Templates and pick one of the Season's Greetings templates.
  2. In the Moovly Library column, click the Filter tick box. A drop-down list appears. Open it and select the Season's Greetings library.
  3. Create your wonderful Season's Greetings animation using the animated objects of the library: popping champagne bottles, falling snow, fireworks, candles, gifts and much more!
  4. When ready, save your animation, exit the Editor
  5. Publish your video on YouTube or Facebook, or share it with your friends!

You can even share your video on our Season's Greetings Contest page and get a chance to win an iPad or a free yearly Moovly Pro license!  More...