4 Moovly video marketing trends that will influence 2016

4 BIG Video Marketing Trends that will Influence 2016

Video has grown rapidly over the past couple of years. As of 2016 video marketing was one of the most spoken about topics amongst businesses of any size. Markets are becoming more and more competitive and brands are constantly turning to video to stay ahead. Cisco have predicted that in 2016 online videos will make up roughly 55% of the total consumed internet traffic

If you are unsure on which direction to take your marketing campaign in, 2016 may be the perfect time to switch to video. If you are looking to jump straight into creating your online animation, register today for free. However, if you want to find out more about video, here are the top 4 online trends to drive your video marketing campaign.

4 Big video marketing trends shared by Moovly


1) Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, is it a revolutionary feature or just an over-hyped piece of technology? Virtual reality is an artificial environment presented in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts the environment as real. Google’s Cardboard box was one of the first advances that brought virtual reality extensive publicity, with other companies such as Facebook and Samsung involved in the technologies development. Virtual reality will guarantee that stories aren't just told in a one dimensional notion such as video or text, but can have customers truly experience and live the story in a new dimension.

Just how soon can we expect it to reach the mass market?

Soon. Virtual reality is still in the early stages, but with the release of Facebook's Oculus rift, that may be all about to change. You may have already started to see your Facebook feed fill up with 360- degree videos. Although Virtual reality is unlikely to replace online video in 2016, we believe that it will become a truly unique platform for you to tell your story in the near future. 

Check out Qantas 360˚ virtual reality visit of the Hamilton Islands.



2) Real time storytelling (Live Streaming)

Live-streaming lets you discover the world through someone else's eyes. It has the power to make the world even smaller than it already is. You want your video to be authentic. You want it to engage with your audience. You can't force engagement, it must be real and that's exactly what live streaming does.

Live streaming is nothing new. You may be familiar with Youtube's live streaming features or perhaps other platforms like Twitch.  People want to wake up and see the latest from a brand. Live streaming hasn't been established to replace marketing, but rather used as part of content marketing strategies to help tell a brand's story in real time. 

Spotify is just one of the many companies who experimented with live streaming in the past. They used the streaming service Meerkat to give their audience a greater insight into SXSW. Spotify gave their viewers access to live performances, a range of interviews and a wide range of festival content.

4 big video marketing trends blog moovly


3) Interactive video marketing

Expect Interactive videos to be in full force in 2016. We previously highlighted interactive videos in our 7 things you should know for a successful video marketing campaign. Interactive video is just as it sounds - an opportunity for viewers to not only watch, but to collaborate and influence the outcome of the video.

The reason interactive videos are so significant, is because your viewers will feel actively involved rather than passively involved. Your video should aim to make a lasting impression and increase awareness. Interactive videos help do that with an additional twist- it gives your viewers an experience worth sharing.

How would you use interactive videos for your campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

4) Multi-Channel video distribution

Youtube is the king of video distribution. That being said, Youtube is not the only video sharing site available, nor is it the ideal website for some brands. Many marketers are experimenting with different video channels and expanding their video libraries, reducing their dependency on Youtube. 

In 2016, we will see marketers go beyond Youtube. Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and linkedIn all play an important role in connecting audiences with content. Facebook has already invested heavily in video, and recorded 8 billion daily views in November 2015. Here's how you can take advantage of of Facebook video

Don't get left behind. Start researching the latest trends and understanding how you they can drive your marketing campaigns. Some of these trends will spark your creative imagination and certainly keep you ahead of the times. If you are looking to get started on you creating your first animated video, sign up here to Moovly and enjoy your free license