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5 essential tips for creating awesome animated videos

Are you thinking about creating an animated video? Whether it's for your business or to show your friends, we can all agree that you want your created video to look good.

We have been in the animation game for quite some time now and consider ourselves experts. What good is having all this animation knowledge and not sharing it with our audience of thriving animators! We have created a list of 5 essential tips for you to take into consideration to create awesome animations! 

If you want to skip the list and go straight to creating your animations, you can sign up here for your free Moovly license.

Tip 1: Create a video script

Some animators might say that there are more important steps before creating your script. However, we think creating your script goes further than just writing lines on a blank piece of paper. Creating your script revolves around creating your animated video’s message and mood. 

Before we go into more detail and tips on physically writing your script, let's talk about your message. It's absolutely vital your animated video focuses on a primary message and isn't a combination of a couple of secondary ones. We know it can be easy to go off topic, so if your video is that complex and ranges over multiple topics, don't be afraid to make another video. The more, the better. 

On to the physical part of writing your script. You may recall that we wrote a more detailed blog focused on how to write a great script for your marketing a couple of months ago.  As not much has changed, we won't go into too much detail but have highlighted some of the most important points below.  

  • Address your audience and write conversationally.
  • Make sure your script is brief, as 20% of viewers will close your animated video after 10 seconds.
  • Script every word.
  • Always end your video with a call to action. 

Tip 2: Create a storyboard

A storyboard is your visual plan. It's your blueprint. It gives you the opportunity to anticipate just how your animated video will look before you spend your time and money creating your animations.

So how do you actually start your storyboard? Every animator has their own preferred style. We like to start by identifying our stories key scenes. A storyboard is just a plan, so you don't have to jot down every scene or go into great detail. Draw a couple of blank squares and add your script underneath. Then sketch your thumbnails into each square and viola, storyboard complete!

Tip 3: Choose an animation style

You may have an animation style already in mind, but we still suggest taking some time out and researching different animation styles. Who knows, it may inspire your next video animation.  There are all types of animation styles out there available to animators. There is 3D animation, stop motion, traditional frame by frame 2D hand drawn animation. However we would like to talk to you about 2D vector based animation.

Whiteboard, Doodle marker, drawing, whatever you want to call it, there's no denying the popularity of this animation style. You must have seen at least one animated explainer video that makes use of the whiteboard style. Another awesome 2D animation style is infographic animation. You tend to see these type of animations associated with more corporate or professional videos, but that shouldn't stop you from using it however you like. 

Check out this video animation below, which makes use of the Infographic style.

Once you have chosen your style, try stick to it! This will make your video look more professional. 

Tip 4: Create your animations with Moovly

Next tip, create your animation with Moovly! Moovly is a free video animation maker which is completely cloud based, meaning you don't have to download any software. All you need is access to the internet and a working browser. 

Creating animations with Moovly is free! That's right, no limited trial days. You just have to sign up (which can be done here) and you can get started on your awesome animations. You can drag and drop pre-animated objects or even upload your own assets.

Of course, for those wanting extra features and looking to create more professional animations, there are the options of choosing between the Moovly Pro and Moovly Plus license. Here's how you can find out more between the licenses

Tip 5: Review and get feedback

Once your animation is done, don't be shy to ask for feedback. You would be surprised how useful some comments could be from your friends or family that can totally transform your animation.  When going into the feedback stage, expect additional work to be created. We know video animation can be a long process, but tweaking your video to make it perfect should not be overlooked. 

Time to create your animations! You can sign up here and get started on creating your free animations. Don't forget to share with us your finished Moov’s, we would love to see them!