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5 Things You Can Get For $5

Apr 19, 2017

We all love a good deal. Have you ever wondered where all your friends find those incredible bargains? Or wished that you could find those bargains?

It’s fair to say that life nowadays ‘ain’t’ so cheap. Let’s face it. We’ve all been there before, awkwardly trying to squander that last bit of change we have hiding in the depths of our pockets; just to buy a Frappucino from our local coffee shop. Geez, talk about an uncomfortable situation! 20 seconds of sheer edginess as your server stares deep into your soul, with eyes silently telling you “What on Earth are you waiting for dude?!”.

Anywho, let’s not get too carried away. At the end of the day, 5 bucks is indeed 5 bucks, and there are so many awesome products that you can actually buy for such an affordable price. From a quick bite and cool gadgets to the sleekest of video editing platforms, here are 5 items that you can get your hands on for $5.


High in calories, but low in price. Who doesn’t love a BIG MAC every now and again? Come on, just admit it. We all get sudden cravings for the processed goodness that this Mcdonald’s gem has to offer.


What else are you going to wear when it’s scorching hot and the weather is sweet? For just 5 bucks, a pair of flip-flops is a definite must during the summer months! P.S. Wearing socks with flip-flops is a big no-no. So for your own sake, please try and avoid it.


Unless you’re trying to rock out a pair of Calvin’s, then you can pretty much buy your underwear for just 5 dollars. Don’t really know who you’re trying to impress though. We’ll leave that one up to you, but hey, going commando is another great alternative if you’re feeling a little bit frisky.


Rub-a-dub-dub there’s a duck in the tub! Whether you love bathing in a soap-filled bubble bath, or you simply require a squeaking duck to calm down your toddler, here’s another random object you can get for $5.


Finally, without further ado! Drum roll, please …..

Introducing Moovly’s new and improved video editing platform! Home to a vast range of fresh and innovative features for you to enjoy, all for just $5 a month! Who would have ever thought that a video editing software would cost as much as a rubber duck?

Whether you’re creating a Youtube video, developing a video marketing campaign, conducting a project for class or simply want to entertain your pals with an extraordinary video animation, you can do it all with the Moovly Studio!

To make sure that you have enough time to familiarize yourself with our product and test out the new platform, we’ve decided to give you the first month completely for free! Yep, FOR FREE!

Here are some of the incredible features that the new platform has to offer:

  • Hundreds of thousands of high-quality videos, images & sounds.
  • Unlimited access to over 500,000 digital assets
  • Unlimited downloads in HD*
  • Unlimited video length*
  • Unlimited publishing to Moovly gallery
  • Unlimited embedding via gallery
  • Unlimited social sharing
  • Remove watermark*
  • Remove outro*
  • 1 GB Personal library storage
  • Adjustable stage size
  • Batch select & import
  • Access to help center
  • Cloud-based video editor

*Note: Some Moovly Unlimited features are limited during free period and lifetime access is subject to terms and conditions

More useful than a rubber duck, don’t you think?

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