6 Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Happy Halloween 2016! Everyone's favorite celebration is right around the corner.  Halloween marks the official kick-off of the holiday season with Americans expected to spend an all-time high, accounting to a total of 3.1 billion on Halloween costumes and 2.5 billion on Halloween treats and a further 2.4 billion on Halloween decorations.

Marketers love Halloween just as much as the consumers. It’s the perfect opportunity for brands to get creative and go “off-brand” if you like, through videos, promotions, engaging content and possibly their own Halloween movie.


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2) Create a Halloween trivia quiz

Marketing around the holiday season is the perfect opportunity for you to try out new things, perhaps something more unique and creative that you may not have tried before. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned Halloween trivia. You don't have to host a Halloween party to organize a Halloween trivia quiz, far from it. That’s where social media comes in. Create a Halloween trivia quiz and schedule it out to your audience across multiple social media channels. 

Top tip: You don’t need a vast array of content to run a Halloween marketing campaign. Things like Halloween trivia quizzes, Halloween costume competitions or a favorite Halloween food poll can go a long way. 


3) Throw your own Halloween Horror Night

If you can't go to Universal studios this Halloween, then bring the world's famous Halloween Horror Night to you.  Throwing a Halloween horror night with live entertainment, scare zones, and fun events for your staff can help boost employee morale and act as a great team bonding exercise. Document your very own Halloween Horror night and use it to help promote your office atmosphere and help build brand awareness in a unique way with great Halloween pictures.

Top tip: If you're going to throw a Halloween Horror Night for your staff then do it right! Avoid cheap Halloween decorations and go all out on creating an event that will be talked about within your office for months. 


4) Launch Halloween special offers

Not everyone has the opportunity to launch holiday promotions, but if it fits in with your marketing plan, then Halloween is the perfect time to get your audience jumping about your latest deals. Think of all the great themed Halloween pictures you could make and share.

Holiday seasons create a sort of retail environment where discounts drive demand. Whether it's some sort of discount off certain products or services, a customer acquisition referral scheme, or even a bundle discount,  Halloween is the perfect time to try out some new promotions and special offers. Fancy making your own Halloween movie?

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Top tip: Offer your customers something that will influence their purchasing decision. High shipping costs are the number one reason for people to abandon their shopping carts and leave a website. Try offering free shipping or even a faster delivery time to make their decision easier.


5) Host a Halloween party

Who doesn't love a Halloween party? Exciting DIY Halloween costumes, Halloween pictures, Halloween food and maybe, even your own Halloween movie?  We’ve all been invited to a “spooky” Halloween party with a notable amount of Batman Jokers on the dancefloor or other impressive Halloween costumes up on stage. Of course, we can't forget the less impressive DIY Halloween costumes or the amusing couple Halloween costumes scattered around the party. So how can you turn your Halloween party into a marketing tool? 

A Halloween party offers a great incentive for your customers or potential customers to visit your business. Get the Halloween decorations out, blast your beloved Halloween songs and promote the hell out of your brand. Hosting a party will help get your businesses name out there and build brand recognition amongst your audience. That being said, what’s better than seeing everyone have a great time. Make sure you emphasize that Halloween costumes are an absolute MUST! Challenge your staff to make the greatest DIY Halloween costumes possible and offer prizes! Take tons of Halloween photos so that you can fill your social channels with awesome content of all the Halloween costumes on display which will help show off your brand's personality. 

Top tip: Plan ahead. The Halloween decorations are important, but securing the right location and playing to your company's strengths for your Halloween horror nights is just as important, if not more! 


6) Send an animated Halloween party invite

Before you host your Halloween party, you need to get your audience excited and generate a buzz. You can't just send any Halloween party invite, though. It needs to be good. You need to tell your expected guests what’s in store for the night, and what better way to do that than through an animated video. Animation gives you the perfect medium to invite your guests to your party in a creative and engaging way. If only there was a free video animation maker to help you create your animated video Halloween invite.

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Everything you need to know about Halloween!

In preparation for your Halloween marketing campaign, we thought we would help you out a little and put together a little Halloween fact file on everything you need to know about the festive day.

These are the most frequently asked questions that you should know!

  1. When is Halloween?
  2. How did Halloween begin?
  3. Why are pumpkins so popular on Halloween?
  4. How is Halloween celebrated around the world?

And the most searched for terms, that’s right, we’ve done the work for you!

5. Halloween makeup tutorials 

6. Halloween costume ideas

1) When is Halloween?

Every year Halloween is celebrated on October the 31st, with the festivities falling on a Monday this year. 

2) How did Halloween begin?

The history of Halloween actually dates back over a thousand of years to the pagan times. Back then, Celtic people lived all over the United kingdom and Ireland and would hold small festivals at the end of October, marking the end of summer and harvest. They believed that around that time, ghosts and spirits would haunt them, so the Celts would attempt to ward them off with treats, bonfires and costumes.

3 Why are pumpkins so popular on Halloween?

Legend has it, a rude and lazy Irish farm used a cross to trap the devil, and vowed to only set it free if it didn't take his soul.  Whilst Jack was too sinful to go to heaven, the devil stuck to his word and was also barred from hell, leaving Jack with nowhere to go. 

After asking for some assistance with regards to seeing where to go, Jack was handed an ember that would stay alight forever. Jack carved one of his turnips and placed the ember inside, which is how he got the name Jack O’ Lantern. The tradition soon hit the United States, with Irish immigrants soon realizing that pumpkins were the ideal fruit to carve. 

4) How is Halloween celebrated around the word?

Halloween is a celebration of the dead, whom many believe return to their homes on the 31st of October. Halloween is celebrated by many around the world by erecting an altar, decorating it with sweets, flowers and photos. That being said, Halloween is celebrated differently around the world. 

In Mexico, Spain and the majority of Latin America, Halloween is actually celebrated on November 2nd, All Souls Day.

Canada , America and the UK have a more modern tradition by throwing Halloween parties, decorating their homes and stocking up on Halloween treats.

5) Halloween makeup tutorials 

In no way, shape or form are we Halloween makeup experts. So to help you get started on your costume, we’ve found our favorite Halloween makeup tutorial online to help inspire you.


Of course, we expect Harley Quinn characters to be in full force this year. Check out this Harley Quinn Halloween makeup tutorial.


6) Halloween costume ideas 

Looking for that extra piece of inspiration for your Halloween costume this year? Here are 61 Halloween costumes that will surely influence your party outfit. We have selected a few of our favorite Halloween costume ideas that we hope to see in 2016. 


When is Halloween? October 31st.
How did Halloween begin? Warding off evil spirits. 
Why are pumpkins so popular on Halloween? Jack O’ lanterns were turnips but pumpkins are more fun to carve.
How is Halloween celebrated around the word? Really differently! 

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