8 great font combinations you can use in your Moovly videos

8 Great Font Combinations to Use in Your Moovly Videos

Last week we added 8 new fonts to the font library in the Moovly Editor! Take a look at the video below to find out which new fonts you can now use in your videos and learn which font combinations work well together:

How to choose the best font combinations?

As we all know it is important to combine fonts that fit well together to create a consistent and professional look for your video. Not sure how you can combine these new fonts? Don’t worry, we’ve listed a couple of great font combinations below!

Open Sans

Open Sans is a neutral font that offers excellent legibility and works great with most of the Moovly fonts.  While some of the fonts in the Editor are better used for Headlines, Open Sans works fine for larger chunks of text too.

Oswald font combinations Moovly


Oswald is a bit heavier and uses a tighter spacing than Open Sans. The font works great with some of the new (Open Sans, Josefin Slab, Sofia, Quicksand, Lobster, Francois One) and existing Moovly fonts (Pacifico, Cabin Sketch).


Josefin Slab font combinations Moovly

Josefin Slab

This typewriter style font is great for headlines. Combine the font with Open Sans, Oswald, Francois One or Cabin Sketch for a neutral effect or try a different combination with e.g. Pacifico or Amatic SC.


Francois One font combinations Moovly

Francois One

This font is a little heavier and a little funkier than e.g. Impact or Oswald. Francois One looks wonderful with slimmer fonts like Open Sans, Josefin Slab and Amatic SC but can also be combined with fonts like Oswald, cabin sketch and even Pacifico.


Quicksand font combinations Moovly


Quicksand is a round font, which gives it a friendly and warm appearance. You can combine the font with e.g. Open Sans, Oswald, Lobster or Pacifico. When combining the font with Lobster or Pacifico, it is better to use these for your headlines and Quicksand for the larger chunks of text. 


Sofia font combinations Moovly


Unlike the other new fonts, Sofia is a coquettish script font and great for titles and small chunks of text. The font works great with more neutral fonts like Open Sans, Quicksand and Oswald.


Lobster font combinations Moovly


Lobster looks great when used in titles and when it’s combined with more neutral fonts like Open Sans and Oswald. Using Lobster for larger runs of text might look a bit strange.


Amatic font combinations Moovly


Amatic is another great font for titles or small runs of text. Combine the font with Open Sans, Pacifico, Josefin Slab, Francois One or Cabin Sketch for the best results.


Final thoughts

Choosing the right font is not a small detail, but an essential element that contributes to the success of your video: Your choice of fonts can make your video look professional and influence the legibility of your text. And because the fonts you use can help to get your message across to your audience, you should pay close attention to choosing the right font combinations.