A free time management business video template for your colleagues

A (free) Time Management Video for your Employees

Getting attention from employees is not always easy. So when you have important messages to share with them, you need to carefully choose the way you are going to communicate it to them.
No doubt that video is going to be on your wish list. With video tools like Moovly video creation is no longer synonymous with hefty price cards. Videos are no longer expensive to make, and accessible to everyone. 
Take, for example, this Moovly video below about Time Management. It provides 5 tips for employees to help them manage their time and prioritize their tasks, and you can use or edit it for free (read on to learn how).

How to use the Time Management Tips video?

Chances are, however, that this is not exactly the video you have in mind for your employees or colleagues:

  • It might not be aligned with that time management flyer you distributed among your workforce two months ago (which had 7 tips instead of 5)
  • The title of your internal communications campaign is not “Time Management” but “Priority Management” or “Increasing Productivity”
  • The style of this video does not exactly appeal to you or does not match your corporate brand guidelines
  • You may not like the voice-over style or accent
  • It is a bit too short/long/boring/slow/fast/…

None of the above objections poses a problem! Just modify the video to meet your requirements. It’s easy! You don’t have to be a video expert to do this, and we share the video with you for free.
Here’s how to do it.

  1. Get a copy of the Time Management Tips video from Moovly. It is free, you just have to request it via this form
  2. You will then receive an editable version of the video which you can edit with Moovly. Moovly is as simple as PowerPoint, so you can easily modify the video, save a new version and download it.

If you want multiple versions of your video, just copy an existing version and modify it. You can change the text content, the font, the images (e.g. add your company logo) and even the voice over! Would you like to record your own voice or get a new voice over? Request a copy of the voice over text, modify it and record a new one (or have one recorded - sites like Fiverr provide professional voice over recordings for as low as $5).

New to Moovly? Be sure to take a look at our Tutorials or User Guide before getting started with the editable video. If you wish to use the Time Management video, or a Moovly Demo video, just get in touch and we’ll share it with you!