An editable Moovly video template: What is the ecological footprint

An Editable Moovly Video: The Ecological Footprint

Our human activities consume resources and produce waste, and nature needs to have the capacity to meet these demands. One way to measure the human demand on nature is the ‘Ecological Footprint’. The following editable Moovly video explains what the ecological footprint is:

What is the ecological footprint?

Every one of us has an ecological footprint. This footprint represents the impact we have on nature as a person, a household, a city, a business or a country. Things like food, energy, transportation, goods and services all contribute to our ecological footprint.

The footprint is expressed as the amount of land and water required to produce everything we consume and to absorb the waste we generate. By measuring the ecological footprint we can assess the pressure our lifestyle puts on the planet.

This helps us to manage our ecological assets more wisely and to take personal and collective action. For instance, we can buy more organic products, use public transportation, use reusable bags and containers etc.

Use this editable Moovly video as a template

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