Combine animation and video footage in Moovly to turn your complex ideas into easy-to-follow explanations.

Animation or Live Action? Why not Both?

Animation is a powerful technique that allows you to turn complex ideas or vague concepts into a clear and comprehensive story.

However, sometimes it might be easier (or less time-consuming) to demonstrate something using camera-recorded video instead of recreating a situation using animated objects. Whether you're making a product demo, an exterior site, a manufacturing process, an interview — live action helps showing your audience how something works or what you've achieved. This helps you to concretize your story, and to connect with your audience.

Other examples of useful recorded video footage include stock videos, event footage but also screen recordings, e.g. to explain a software application.

Of course video footage also has its downsides: a long recording of a person being interviewed or a tedious monologue might give your audience a harder time concentrating as there is limited visual or textual support. Interferences such as people walking by or background noises can also distract your audience. Because of this your viewers might click away early and miss your key message or call-to-action.

Combine animation and video footage

When video footage is not powerful enough on its own you can combine or enhance it with animation. This combination not only helps to turn complex ideas into easy-to-follow explanations but it also gives you the opportunity to show your audience strong visual images, simplified processes or connections and relationships. By incorporating live action in your animated video you will also be more successful in holding an audience’s attention or in getting them back to the story if they'd have dozed off. (Online audiences are easily distracted, and visual variation helps them to better focus on your story!)

Edit video clips in the Moovly Editor

Thanks to the video uploading and editing features in Moovly, you can easily add recorded videos to your content and edit these. Adjust the volume of your video clips, split your video clips, or freeze them whenever you need a pause to point something out.

Take a look at the next video and notice how the underlying video is paused every time one of the objects is highlighted.

By applying these editing options and animation effects to your video, you only need to upload one video clip instead of multiple video clips. Don’t worry about the precise timing of your video footage: film everything in one take and do your edits in Moovly. Add pauses or split your video clip into smaller parts, and easily synchronize them with the other objects and animations in your video.