Moovly visits BETT 2016: the latest trends in education technology

BETT 2016: the Latest Trends in Education Technology

Events like the Bett Show in London are undoubtedly a must for any education professional that wants to stay on top of the trends in education and the technology evolution in his sector.
Bett is an annual education technology event that welcomes over 35,000 visitors from all over the world. Educators, academic business professionals and students gather to discover how new technology can enhance learning in their schools, universities or companies. Giants like Google, Microsoft or HP demonstrate their latest education hardware and software. Industry evangelists outline their vision in keynotes. Organizations representing schools and teachers bring cases and testimonials about their 21st century challenges and experiences with pupils and students of all ages.

Discover how new technology can enhance learning and see other trends in education   Demonstration of the latest trends in education hardware and software
The Bett Show offers a great opportunity to meet many minds alike: education specialists interested in technology and looking for better ways for using it in their classes and schools, educators in search of better ways to improve media literacy or flip their classrooms and more.

The latest trends in education and the impact of technology

While Bett offers an impressive showcase of the latest devices and programs, it also demonstrates how tough the choice is for teachers and schools to select the right solutions for their needs – and their limited budgets. Today’s new technologies will be old in a few years. And by the time a new piece of hardware or software is fully implemented and mastered, a new system becomes available to replace it.
Bett is also a place that fosters in-depth discussions about the impact of technology on education. Should schools embrace BYOD? (“Bring Your Own Device”) Does flipping the classroom really work? Which role – if any – can social media play in education? Are we trying to apply 21st century technologies to 20th century teaching practices?
Bett doesn’t give clear answers to these questions, but provides an open atmosphere for its visitors to explore, test and taste the latest developments and trends in education.  As John Collick of Promethean put it: “Students and teachers today assemble their own learning playlists by combining traditional and future technologies and methodologies.” Bett indeed provides a huge catalog of products and solutions for everyone to assemble their own personal playlists.

The use of online video in education

More and more education specialists put Moovly on their playlist of favorite education tools. Bett therefore proved to be a great occasion for Moovly to meet members, partners and newly interested educators, and exchange ideas and plans. As the number of students and teachers using Moovly keeps growing, meeting our members at events like Bett also becomes a must for us! See you next year!