How to brainstorm a Moovly video marketing campaign with your colleagues

How to Brainstorm with Colleagues in Video Marketing

Struggling to come up with some new pieces of content or ideas? Don't worry, mental blocks are a problem we will all face time and time again. Unfortunately due to work deadlines, there may be a greater sense of additional pressure for some. Cue brainstorming.

You probably have tried some form of brainstorming before. For some of you it may have been a success and for others less effectfull. The truth is, you aren't accustomed to the same brainstorming technique as your colleagues. You may be very artistic and your colleague less. You need to find a brainstorming technique that's right for you.


Before we jump into different brainstorming techniques for you to try, we suggest a little something to help get the confidence level high amongst your team. Start by getting your colleagues to suggest bad ideas. Not only will they feel more comfortable but some bad ideas may even spark a couple of new ideas for you to explore.

Looking to create a video animation? You can sign up here and enjoy your free Moovly account.  Below are 5 different techniques to help you and your colleagues get the best out of your brainstorming sessions.

1) Mind Mapping

Mind mapping represents a visual thinking tool to help structure your information and discover new ideas. Mind maps are popular due to the level of simplicity and efficiency involved.  Here's how you can get started.

Start by drawing a round circle in the centre of your page and fill it in with your main video idea or concept. Then branch off your main concept with possible ideas and suggestions. For example if your videos main concept is drinks, your branches may include water, soft drinks, hot drinks, juices, healthy drinks and carbonated drinks. Don't cap your creativity.  Don't set a limit, but rather keep going until you genuinely feel you have more than enough ideas.

2) Draw your problems and ideas

Those who have a dominant right sided brain will understand the importance of visual references. Unlike the left side of the brain, which handles organisation and logic, the right side of your brain helps drive your creative thoughts. 

Start of by identifying your main topic. Lets say its coconut health benefits.  Now start drawing sketches and ‘’doodling’’ illustrations that relate to your topic. Such illustrations can range from coconut oil, to coconut butter to coconut hair masks. Once you have multiple images, try combining them. Not only will you have a more clearer picture, but such images will help prompt even more ideas for your video.

Is doodling your favourite brainstorming technique? Once you have sketched all your ideas, head over to the Moovly registration page, sign up for free and get started on your video animation!

3) Break down ideas, build up topics

Another brainstorming techniques involves breaking down an idea or building one up. If you already have a general topic, try breaking it down to uncover details and check whether or not new discussions arise. You could also try to build up your idea to reach a broader topic.

If you are looking to try this brainstorming approach with your colleagues, start by having each individual write down a couple of ideas on paper. Swap your papers with another person and use your colleagues initial notes as inspiration. Keep doing this a couple times and before you know it, you will have enough ideas to create multiple videos.

4) Mood boards

Another brainstorming technique to get your right side of the brain working is through mood boards. As it sounds, a mood board is a random collection of visual arrangements focused on one topic or idea. Such visual arrangements include images, words, textures, patterns and so on. 

There are loads of online tools out there to help create your mood board, or if you and your colleagues are more of the crafty type, use a poster or cork board and create a physical mood board.

5) Try a new work environment to brainstorm

A change of scenery may be more beneficial than you think. Sure it's always nice to go to new places and try different things, but working in a fresh environment can actually help you think. Try it out! Head over to a new place with your colleagues and try any of the above brainstorming techniques.

Have we missed any brainstorming techniques? We are always searching for new brainstorming ideas and would love for you to share.