How to copy content from one Moovly video to another

How to Copy Content from one Video to Another

It’s raining new features the last couple of months! The latest feature that we added to the list is the possibility to copy content from one Moov to another. This much wanted feature allows you, for example, to easily merge two Moovs or to reuse that great intro section you created earlier in another video. It also allows you to create your own templates and have them available in all Moovs you create.

Until now, you were already able to split your video into multiple scenes (What are Scenes?) and easily change the order of your content, insert or remove time, or cut and paste sections from one moment in time to another.

As of today, you can save scenes to your Personal Library and reuse them in other Moovs. This means that you don’t have to create your custom intro, transitions or outro all over again when starting a new project. A great time-saver! 

How to copy content to another video?

To copy a scene to your Personal Library, first select it by clicking on its thumbnails. The scene border turns red and all objects that are part of the scene get a red timeline bar. Then right-click the thumbnail bar and select "Copy scene to Personal Library". Give a name to your scene and it will be added to your Personal Library, including all its objects and their animations.

Copy content to your Personal Library and reuse it in other videos

To reuse the scene in another project, open your Personal Library and open its Scenes section. Take a scene and drag it to the Timeline. All of its objects and their animations will be inserted before or after the scene that is currently active.

Copy content and drag the saved scene from the Personal Library to the Timeline to insert the content in your video

Who can copy content to other videos?

This new feature is available to all users that are subscribed to the monthly or yearly Moovly Pro license or higher.

What to keep in mind when working with scenes?

Working with scenes is very powerful, so start organizing your content in scenes from the beginning of your creation process. If you haven't done that, you can still split an existing video into multiple scenes afterwards. Splitting a scene (right-click the thumbnail bar and select "Split scene") is also helpful when you want to insert a saved scene at the exact desired time location in your video.


Happy animating!