How to create a drop shadow in Moovly

How to Create a Drop Shadow in Moovly

Using a drop shadow is an easy way to add contrast between text and your background. Take a look at the video below to find out how to create a drop shadow for your text objects or follow the guide below the video:

How to create a drop shadow in 8 steps

  1. First, open the editor and select the Type tool that’s located above the stage.
  2. Enter your text in the Text box (which appears when you click the stage).
  3. Position your text and adjust its size and angle.
  4. Copy the text by clicking the corresponding icon above the stage, and then click the Paste icon. Your text will be positioned behind the original text object.
  5. Select the layer of the copied text object in the Timeline. Once selected, the corresponding line will turn blue.
  6. Drag the copied text object to a new position on the Stage.
  7. Now you can change the color of the copied text object using the Color Panel in the upper right corner of the editor.
  8. Finally, adjust the position of the drop shadow until you reach the desired effect. Use the arrow keys if you want to work more precisely.
    You can also move both objects at the same time by holding the Shift key when selecting them.

You did it! You created your first drop shadow in Moovly! Now add animation to your text if desired and click the play button to view the result. 

Bonus tip:

Drop shadows are great if you want to create the illusion of three-dimensionality or if you want to place text over a busy background. A drop shadow is often used to add contrast between text and background but when being sloppy or when using the drop shadow the wrong way, your text can become hard to read. So, make sure your drop shadow doesn’t hinder the readability of your text, make it look natural and play with its color and position until it feels right.