Expand your Moovly Libraries in the Marketplace

How to Expand your Moovly Libraries?

The standard Moovly Libraries contain hundreds of graphical objects and animations and we continue to add new objects and animation effects on a regular basis. However, sometimes you might not find what you’re looking for in the standard libraries. You could upload your own images as an alternative, but don't forget that we have our own Marketplace too! 

What’s in the Marketplace?

The Moovly Marketplace is a growing collection of new objects you can use in your moovs. In the Marketplace you can find library objects such as:

  • Additional graphical objects for existing styles: you can either purchase objects on an item-by-item basis or add a complete library to your collection.        

Moovly marketplace has a lot of graphical objects and libraries in new and existing styles

  • New Moovly libraries in new styles or themes: We continue to add new and extended libraries to the Moovly Marketplace. You can expand your Moovly libraries with these new objects at any time.
  • Sound objects to add to your moovs: in our Marketplace we also offer royalty free music that you can synchronize with your content.             

 Moovly marketplace offers music libraries and royalty free sounds

  • Templates that help you create colorful videos in new creative variations of the Moovly styles: use the color scheme and fonts proposed in the template to create a beautifully designed video.                          

Moovly marketplace has animated video templates and libraries

How to import Moovly Libraries and objects from the Marketplace?

Some Marketplace objects are free, others are available at a small price. The cost (if any) is presented in dollars or in credits (if you have a positive credit balance). 

You can also use these Moovly credits to export videos in HD or remove the Moovly watermark or outro from your video (unless you're a Plus or Pro user, in that case you can do this for free). You can pay these purchases with dollars too, but credits are easier if you want to avoid a credit card transaction every time you want to purchase something.

At any time, you can view your current Credit Balance in the Moovly Marketplace. By default, 10 credits correspond to 1 US dollar. You can buy credits in packs of 50, 100, 200... When you buy larger credit packs, you get extra credits. This way, you can save up to 50% on the price per credit!

Add an object to your cart or click the Buy button to directly purchase the object of your choice. Once you’ve bought new objects, you will find them when you reopen the Editor, in a separate Moovly Library called "Marketplace Items".

Finally, our Marketplace is also open to external contributors: if you are a multimedia specialist with animation expertise and you're interested in offering your own objects (graphical, sounds, music) to the Moovly Marketplace, contact us to find out more!