How to make your Moovly video focus on that one important message

How to Make your Video Focus on that One Important Message

Have you ever watched an online marketing video and ended up being extremely confused as to what they are trying to sell. Sure, some adverts are quirky and make you want to watch more, but those aren't the adverts we are referring too. The videos we mean are the ones that leave you puzzled as to what the purpose of the video was and what they are trying to advertise. Many video marketers get so carried away with their project that they end up with a complex video highlighting different messages. We don't want that to happen to you. Your video message needs to be clear and concise. Read on to find out about making sure your video focuses on the right message.

Why your video should focus on ONE message

Having a video that conveys one main message is essential to ensure your viewers have a clear understanding. Let's say you have come across a video advertising a Mediterranean vacation package. Summer is approaching and you have enough money saved, so the video generally grabs your interest. Just as the video enters its closing moments, a sunburn awareness clip is played. 

Focus on one message per Moovly animated video

Would you be Intrigued or disinterested? Some viewers may generally agree with both of your messages, but by focusing on two alienated topics you embed a degree of confusion in your viewer's mind.

Although it may be tempting to try and input as much information possible in your video, you need to focus on one clear message. When your video moves away from a single focus, your message can quickly become confusing and disconnected from your overall marketing campaign. Marketing videos should to be short, engaging and enticing. Creating a longer video covering multiple topics is likely to take more time than your viewer is willing to spend. If your marketing campaign consists of multiple topics, don't be afraid to create another video, the more content the better.

It can be easy to swerve off topic when you haven't taken the appropriate steps to prepare your video marketing campaign properly. Here are our top 4 tips to make sure your online video focuses on one message and becomes a success.

1) Set your goals and stick to them

Having the right goals in place is imperative! Your set goals present your video with a clear direction, limiting the possibility of going off topic and generally confusing your viewers. Unless you are a one man team, all your assets need to coordinate their efforts together to create the online video that you set out to make. Goals don't just steer you in the right direction, they help understand your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Established goals allows you to measure the overall success of your video marketing campaign. If you still haven't created your goals, don't worry we have just the thing for you. Here's how you can set awesome goals for your online video.

2) Create a storyboard

A storyboard is a visual representation designed to establish the flow of your video. You don't have to be an artistic individual to create one. Visualize your storyboard as a blueprint that your team can follow and agree on. Having a storyboard allows you to establish a plan to promote your message before investing your time and resources creating a video. Your video will be mapped out and your story can be assessed to make sure it is easy to follow.

In case your proposed video has somewhat overlapping messages, then use this as the basis for your next advertising campaign. Identify the stronger and more important message you want to display and put aside the others for now. You don't have to discard your secondary message completely, come back later and create a new video!

Have you already designed your storyboard?  If yes, then it's time to bring your ideas to life. Sign up now and get started right away.

3) Make sure your information is clear

Remember, you only have a few minutes at most to communicate your message to your views. Don't spend that time forcing your message down their throats. Make sure your viewers come away with a clear understanding of what your video is about and what you're trying to communicate. Don’t let all your video animations and clever designs get in the way of your message. 

Here's a little tip. Whilst creating your video, show it to a few people and ask them to describe what they have just seen in a single sentence. If they can't repeat your message, then you haven't communicated well and need to spend a little more time fine-tuning it.

4) Have a clear call to action

What's the best way to conclude your video in a subtle and persuasive manner? A clear call to action of course! Having a call to action give your viewers the opportunity to engage even further.  After all the effort you have put into creating your video and constructing your message, it would be a pity if your viewers just closed your video and forgot all about your message. 

Make sure your call to action is simple, short and intensifies your message. If your video message is centered around selling products, then instruct your viewers how to do so, such as Buy Now /Shop Now or Add To Basket. Should your video be informative, then tell your viewers how to find out more, such as Subscribe and Sign Up.

Once your videos message is agreed on, it’s time to get started on your online video! Sign up here to enjoy a free Moovly license or if you're looking for that extra bit of sharpness, then upgrade to Moovly Pro and take advantage of extended storage and 1080p videos.