How to use images with a transparent background in your Moovly videos

How to Use Images with a Transparent Background

The great thing about creating videos with Moovly is that you not only have access to the standard libraries; you can upload personal assets too. Even PNG files with a transparent background.
You can use your own graphical objects (images, screenshots, photos, drawings etc.) to add more personality to your video, to better suit the style of your video or to treat subjects that aren’t represented in our standard libraries.

The downside to these personal images is that most of them have a background that might not suit the background of your video.

How to match the video background to the image background

One thing you can do, is matching your video background with the background in the uploaded image. To do this you just select your video background (the Stage) and use the magic wand next to the color picker in the upper right corner of the editor.

However, the general background you want to use for your video isn’t always white (or monochrome for that matter), and in that case the background of your image will probably contrast too much. On top of that, the edges of your uploaded objects might overlap and cover parts of your other images, especially when adding animations to them. This can be quite frustrating!

Use a transparent background for your images

Upload images with a transparent background to your Personal Library Moovly

You can solve this by using transparent PNGs in your video instead of images with a solid background. You can either use images that already have a transparent background or you can remove the background from images yourself using tools like Photoshop.

A free alternative for Photoshop is Pixlr. You just need to launch their Editor in your browser and then you can remove the background of your image in just a few steps. Afterwards you save your image as a transparent PNG and you’re all set!

Do you use other tools to edit your images before uploading them to Moovly? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!