Meet Moovly at The 2016 Belgian Corporate Video Festival

We are delighted to announce that we will be attending the 2016 Belgian Corporate Video Festival and are excited to see some familiar faces and meet new players in the Video industry. 

Originating in 2000, the festival which started of as a small student project has quickly become the benchmark event of corporate video in Belgium. In 2015 the festival crossed the linguistic border and became a national spotlight for Belgium Corporate Videos. 

Similar to the 2015 event, the award show will be held at the incredible Kinepolis theatre in Brussels.  The Kinepolis Cinema was opened in 1988, and has spurred innovations through countless mesmerizing visually and conceptual sounds. 

Previous Corporate Video Festival winners  

The Belgian Corporate Video Festival has seen some truly remarkable videos over the past couple of years. Previous winners include KBC’s ‘’Talenday’’ video which won the Training video award in 2015 and The Brussels Airport Company “It is a bird” video, nominated and awarded for the Corporate Image Profit in 2013. 

Throughout the years, we have also seen an increase in animated videos being both nominated and awarded for various prizes at the festival. Notable mentions include that of Crofun, who’s Paper Cut-out Style’d animation landed them the Product/ Process video award in 2013, and more recently AZ Sint-Lucas Gent annual report, presented in a Lego styled animation, which won the the best Corporate Image for a Non-Profit in 2015. Both videos can be found below.


AZ Sint-Lucas Gent

In-house and affordable video production with Moovly

Whilst animation and video on a whole is on the rise, the cost of production has rapidly decreased over the past couple of years. Different projects have different costs, with a range of factors having to be considered and planned before having a true idea of how much an animated video can cost.

The most time consuming and work intensive part of any video animation project is creating the actual animations itself. Each asset has to be imported into a piece of software, before being assembled into making each movement. 

Moovly is a professional in-house video animation software, completely cloud based which helps individuals and organisations build their video animations. One area where Moovly significantly can cut the cost and speed up the process of creating animations is the time needed to create each animation asset. Spread out over 4 libraries, there are over 1000 assets to be chosen from. The majority of assets have a range of pre-animated instructions which allow the users to select and use various animations. With a low yearly cost and so many available assets, Moovly truly provides a great ROI for businesses of any size. 

Our platform is fast, friendly and flexible in multimedia offering users the possibility of creating their own corporate branded library. If you are interested in your own branded library, find out all about our business solutions, right here! 

We are excited to share our upcoming innovations and to meet with industry experts to discuss the direction of animation within the internal communication industry. 

Click on this animation to bring it to life

Animated videos for internal communication

The increased number of nominations surrounding animated videos at the Belgian Corporate Video Festival as well as other renowned international video festivals could be seen due to a direct rise in the use of video animation in today's environment.

Not only have organisations used various animated videos in their inbound marketing strategies, but more and more of these organisations are using animations as part of their overall internal communication strategy. 

Video plays a fundamental part in spreading messages throughout an organization in a matter of seconds to a number of different devices. Internal communication revolves around a more informed, motivated and engaged workforce. There is no doubt that animation videos have already and will continue to have a vital role in the future of internal communication. Find out more about the benefits of animated videos in our blog. 

One of the most popular animated styles of video in internal communication is the infographic styled video. The infographic styled animations, which can also be found on Moovly, contains animated infographic content, well suited for reports and data heavy messages.

Another form of video which has been progressively involved in internal communication is the character styled animation. The style of video, which can be found on Moovly under Colourful Cartoon Style, is great for induction videos, friendly brand videos and explainer videos.

The future of animation and internal communication

Video already plays a vital role in internal communication, with 93% of internal communication professionals believing that video is essential. In nearly every industry, managers and other personnel need to communicate the relevant information regarding, policies, procedural changes and other important events. Video animation is an innovative and flexible way to keep employees informed and motivated. 

The popularity of video animation within internal communication could also be pinpointed to the ease of changes and updates. Procedure and policy changes are extremely common within any organisation, which can sometimes influence the need of a brand new internal communication video. With video animation however, instead of shooting a whole new video as you would do with a live action video, you can simply change the scene/ information that needs altering whilst keeping the same video. 


You can find out more about the Belgian Corporate Video Festival here.