Focus on a concise message when creating a Moovly video

One Concise Message to Rule them all

Whether you’re in education, marketing or communication, if you want your video to have real impact on your audience, there’s one element you shouldn’t neglect: your key message. Read on to learn more about the importance of a concise message.

The importance of a concise message

Online attention spans are short. The average length of web based videos keeps decreasing - we're talking a few minutes. While your audience is viewing your video, they are interrupted by sounds and notifications coming from other applications on their devices. 

So your video better be short and powerful. Your viewers want you to get to the point quickly. They want to know what’s in it for them or find the answer to their question right away, not at the end of your video. 

So be careful with long introductions, because many of your viewers may have dropped off by the time your video gets to your most important messages. 

You may want to take a different approach: put your most essential information in the beginning of your video, and elaborate on it afterwards. If viewers drop off, at least they got your key messages.

The importance of using the right language

Another success factor to make sure that your viewers continue watching and understand your message is using the right language, particularly when you are adding voice to your video. Don't hesitate to use everyday, conversational speech instead of long, complex wording or jargon. Use terminology that is known by your viewers. Remember: you're not writing literature, but voice-over text for video!

Bottom line: if you want you audience to know or do something after watching your video, focus on a concise message that's easy to understand, and keep it short!


PS: the ring object used in the video above is brand new, includes customizable text and is available in the Moovly Marketplace as of today!