Our 5 most popular video animation blog posts from the past 6 months

Our 5 most popular video animation blog posts from the past 6 months

As you may or may not know, Moovly is a content creation platform dedicated to increasing the amount of engaging multimedia content. Our specialty is animation. 

Over the past 6 months, we have made it our mission to educate and engage with our viewers on how to create awesome animations. We have compiled a list of our 5 most popular video animation blogs which you can find below. If you want to skip straight to creating your animations, then sign up here for your free Moovly License and start animating your ideas.

Create your own free animation: The best-animated video maker


Creating animations right now is in demand. We wanted to put together a blog that will help you create professional, fun and engaging animations. Of course, for a lot of animators, the price can be an issue. There are hundred of businesses or software that offer animation videos for an expensive fee which can be an issue. Gone are the days of expensive budgets, creating animations with Moovly is Free!

Moovly is a free video animation maker, perfect for creating video animations. You can create professional animations for your business through explainer videos or video presentations all on one platform. 

With Moovly, you can download, publish and share your free video animations. Once you have created your free animations, share them with Moovly and its users, or directly on Facebook.

Find the full blog “Create your own free animation: The best-animated video maker” here.

The 5 best video animation alternatives to Powtoon


PowToon is one of the top industry leaders regarding video animation. Having said that, PowToon is not the only free video animation maker available to animators across the world. We created a list, comprised of different video animation software which you can try out when you creating your animated video. Our top 5 Powtoon alternatives are as follows: 

  1. Moovly: No surprises here, our top free video animation maker goes to Moovly. With over 1000 items to be used in your animated video, spread out over 4 graphical animation Libraries, you surely will find everything you need for your video animation. Did we mention Moovly has a totally free License?
  2. GoAnimate: Similar to Moovly, GoAnimate is an animation software entirely cloud based. You can create professional cartoons through 3 different animations styles. With GoAnimate you get a 14-day premium 14-day free trial. 
  3. Animaker: Another favorite video animation creator is Animaker. Choose from pre-made templates and add your text to each slide. Ideal for animators looking to create efficient but free animations. 

You can find the full list of The 5 best video animation alternatives to Powtoon here.

How to make an animated video like a pro 

How to Make and Animated Video Like a Pro

We all strive to create animations, but not everyone knows how to create them like a pro, which is why this blog proved to be so popular. This blog is made up of a step by step list on how exactly any animator can create professional-looking animated videos.

Always start your video animation with the appropriate planning in place. Who is your audience? What do you want your video to achieve? Onto step two, writing your video script. When writing your script, make sure you can address your audience, write in a conversational manner and most importantly end with a clever call to action.

The next stage when creating a professional animation is to create a storyboard. Identify your key scenes and start sketching your thumbnails.  Start animating your video and finish off with adding sound. 

For the full expanded list on how to make an animated video like a pro visit our blog.

4 Awesome Animation Tips to Impress Your School Teacher

4 Awesome Animation Tips to Impress Your School Teacher

Standing out in a classroom full of students can be hard. Luckily for you, animations can help you stand out and impress your teacher. How?

The first thing you should decide on is what animation style you wish to use. Every different animation style has its own unique quality. With Moovly, you have the choice of the Infographic Style, Colorful Cartoon Style, Paper Cut-Out Style and Doodle Marker Style. Music can put a smile on anyone's face, and that's certainly true for your teacher. Music is fun, it's imaginative, and it can have a great effect on your animated video.

Time to really WOW your teacher. There are tons of animated assets for you to use. Just find the animated asset in one of Moovly’s four libraries, drag it and drop it on the Stage.

To read the full blog, visit here 4 awesome tips to impress your school teacher.

How to make an explainer animation video

How to make an explainer animation video

Animated explainer videos are trending right now. An explainer video is typically a short video that aims through demonstrating a product, service or brand in a memorable and easy way to understand. On top of that, explainer videos can come in all shapes and sizes. From digital drawing to live action, the majority, however, tend to be animated. 

To create a great animated explainer video, you need to do several things. Firstly, write a great script. Your video’s script is the backbone to any explainer video, so it's important to get it right. 

Remember when creating an explainer video, don't bombard your viewers with animations. Simplicity is key.

Want to know How to make an explainer animation video? Check out the full article. 

Be sure to stay tuned for more video animation blogs we have scheduled in the future. Want to use all your knowledge and create awesome video animations? Sign up today for your free license and get started on bringing your animations to life!