Shutterstock is now integrated into Moovly Studio!

Sep 22, 2017

We are excited to announce that Moovly has integrated Shutterstock, with over 175 million digital assets, into our Studio editor! This is the first instance that Shutterstock have integrated their application programming interface to offer premium video and sound files with another platform, and we’re excited to offer even more ways to tell your story to Moovly users!

Check out our launch video here!

So what does this mean for Moovly Pro subscribers?

Putting it simply: our Pro subscribers now have access to an enormous library of over 175 million premium video, image, and sound files that you can add directly into your Moov in our Studio editor! Simply search for the content you’re looking for by clicking on the Shutterstock tab in your personal library, and then search for the content you’re looking for. For instance, we used aircraft in the example below:

You can also filter between videos, images and sound files related to your search. From there, you can preview your selected content before simply dragging the file onto the Stage. Simple! Once you have completed your Moov and want to render it, simply purchase the footage directly via Moovly Studio, and you’re done! All Moovly and Shutterstock watermarks will be removed, and you can re-use your purchased content as often as you wish!

Current Moovly Free Trial user, Shutterstock customer, or just curious as to how this works?


If you are currently part of our free trial, then you can access the same Shutterstock library as our Pro subscribers, and use the assets in your Moovs. However if you want to render your completed Moov free of watermarks and download it, you will need to upgrade to our Pro subscription for just $49 per month, or $299 for an entire year.


Frequently buy Shutterstock assets and new to Moovly?


If you frequently download Shutterstock content and want to directly create your next video without having to download/upload content, then look no further than Moovly Studio. We have everything you need to create amazing video content in one place. Any content you purchase stays safe in your library and can be accessed whenever you need it. Why not start your free trial  today and discover the Studio editor yourself? No credit card required! And if you like what you see, our Pro subscription is just $49 per month, or $299 for an entire year!


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We hope you enjoy using this incredible new library brought to you by Moovly and Shutterstock, and as always feel free to contact us with any questions via our Studio chat function or via our Facebook page.


-The Moovly Team