Add more graphical objects to your Moovly Library

Spice up your Videos with the Extended Libraries!

Some of you might have noticed it already when looking around in our Marketplace: we added a couple of new extended libraries to Moovly! There are two extensions to our existing Doodle Marker and Infographics libraries and one new Hands library! 

Curious to find out what’s in these new graphical object libraries? You can find them in the Moovly Marketplace (login required). Or you can watch this short video, brought to you by Wouter, our lead designer and creative mastermind, for a quick preview of the objects and their animations:

How can you spice up your videos with these new extended libraries?

If you're subscribed to the Pro or Business license you automatically gain access to all extended libraries, no need to manually add them to your account! Select the library in the drop down list in the Moovly Library to view or use the new objects. To get a complete overview of what's in these new libraries, take a look at the Marketplace, or browse the libraries in the Editor.

You can also purchase our brand new libraries in the Marketplace with Moovly credits or via credit card. You can either choose to get the entire library or just the objects you need for your projects. These objects will stay in your account, no matter how many times you change your license.

Don't know how much credits you have left or don't have any Moovly credits yet? Check your balance in our Marketplace and buy extra credits if needed. (Tip: Did you know that you can get 30 credits for free by completing your profile on Moovly? That's worth at least 5 of these new objects!)

BTW: Some of you sent us suggestions about objects they’d like to see added to the Moovly libraries and we added several of these suggested objects. Keep the ideas coming! ;-)

Don't have a Moovly account yet? Sign up to Moovly to get access to the Moovly Libraries!