The Line Boil Library is stuffed with icons and symbols you can easily combine with all other Moovly styles.

Try the Line Boil Library!

We’ve been working hard on a brand new library and it’s finally here! The new style is called The Line Boil Library and it’s stuffed with icons and symbols you can easily combine with all other Moovly styles.  This style has especially been designed to complement your own photo and video uploads.

Although the style might look similar to the Doodle Marker style at first sight (it also includes the Hand Drawing animation), it is compatible with a wide variety of styles. You can easily control the outline and background colors of the new objects: use a black outline and a transparent or white background when creating a whiteboard video. Or, use different color combinations to match the objects in the Colorful Cartoon Library. In the Properties panel, you can also manage the transparency of an object's background as well as its line width. 

Line Boil objects can be animated just like all other objects in the Moovly Libraries. Apply standard animations to the objects or select one of the specific animations: the Hand Drawing animation, unique Enter and Exit animations or a Shaky Line Boil effect.

Take a look at the video below to find out what these specific animations look like:

How to access the Line Boil Library?

The Line Boil Library has been added to the Moovly Libraries of all Plus and Pro users (for free!): to access the objects, just open the drop-down menu in the Editor and select "Line Boil". 

For non-subscribing users, the new library is also available in the Marketplace: with a one-time purchase you can add this library to your collection! The objects can also be purchased on an item-by-item basis.

Enjoy, and don't hesitate to share your new Line Boil creations with us!