Use scenes to add structure to your Moovly videos

Use Scenes to Add Structure to your Content

We already mentioned the importance of preparation and structure when creating a video in previous blog posts. In this blogpost we’ll take a closer look at how you can use scenes to add structure to your Moovly videos.

How to structure your video?

By default, your content is organized in one scene. The length of this scene is automatically adjusted depending on the timing of the objects that are part of the scene.  However, organizing your content in just one scene might make it quite time-consuming to manage your objects, their timing and their animations. 

To avoid this you can add extra scenes and check off the “Show all” option below the Play buttons. This way, only the objects that are part of the selected scene will be shown in the timeline, which makes managing your content a lot easier.

Add new scenes to your Moovly animated video

Next to limiting the amount of objects that are visible on your timeline you can also

  •     Insert time before another scene by dragging the scene border to the right.
  •     Reduce the length of a scene by dragging the scene border to the left.
  •     Change the order of your scenes by dragging them to a new position on the thumbnail bar.

Note that, when you drag a scene to a new position in time, all objects – and their animations – that lie completely within the scene will be moved. Objects that only partially overlap with the scene (e.g. sounds or backgrounds) will keep their position.

How to add new scenes?

Split scenes to insert new content in your Moovly animated videos

To add or delete a scene, click one of the thumbnails of an existing scene.  When you hoover over the scene, two icons will appear on the right side. Click the “+” icon to add a new scene and click the trash can icon to delete the selected scene.

You can also split an existing scene by right-clicking the thumbnail bar and choosing the option “Split scene”.