Young students making Moovly videos about the climate summit in Paris 2015

Young Students Making Videos about the Climate Summit

Getting 10 year old children to think about the Climate Summit and about what they could do for climate change can be an interesting class exercise. Asking them to present their ideas in an animated video sounded like quite a challenge, but not impossible - as we found out! In fact, it turned out to be an exciting, surprising experience with inspiring results...

Bringing a TV broadcast video about the Climate Summit to the classroom

When the Paris Climate Summit took place back in December, many teachers throughout the world covered the topic in their classrooms: Explaining and discussing global warming, climate change, the human impact on our climate, the challenges and potential solutions.

The children’s channel of one of Belgium’s national television stations, VRT, took it one step further and invited Moovly to contribute in the creation of an animated video about the Paris Summit. Moovly is a quick and easy tool to create animated content, so creating a short explainer video about this topic was not a difficult one to do. Together with the VRT production team, we wrote a script, designed a graphical library, had the voice over recorded and animated everything in Moovly.

The final video – explaining the climate problem to 8-12 year olds - was broadcasted on a Saturday morning in December, on VRT’s children channel called Ketnet. And published on Ketnet’s website, of course, for the digital generation to watch it on their tablets or computers. Take a look at the video below:


The next step was a less conventional one: offering the source of the video to teachers and students. The animated video was created using a special library in a specific style, including pre-animated graphical objects in the subject matter area: the earth, pollution, cars and cities, solar panels, windmills… Anyone with access to this library can easily make a new version of the Climate Summit video, or create additional ones in the same subject area.

As soon as the video had been broadcasted, VRT and Moovly decided to make the graphical library available in Moovly to teachers and their classes. The first pilot took place mid December, in a class of 10 year olds in Mechelen, Belgium. With the help of education publisher Plantyn, the pilot started with a Q&A session about climate change. The video was then shown once more to the students, followed by a brainstorming session about potential solutions to the climate change issue.

The children picked their favorite solution and turned it into a storyboard, as a preparation for their own climate video. After a short 15-minute introduction to Moovly (which they hadn’t used before), they started creating their video in groups of two.

The results were pretty amazing. In less than 90 minutes, they succeeded in creating impressive animated video content illustrating their creative solutions. Their concentration and motivation were at least as surprising as the results…

The video below shows a summary of the workshop.


Get started with the Climate Summit video and library in your classroom

You can use the Climate change video too! Want to do something similar with your students? The climate library is available to interested teachers and schools worldwide. Contact us for more information on how to activate this library for your class.

Are you a publisher or an organization interested in supporting or setting up similar projects? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.