Chroma Key and Color Removal

Make the background of a video transparent (Chroma Key) or remove a green screen or other color from any uploaded image or footage. (Color Removal)

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How to use
the Video Translation


Select an option

Choose between Google Translate and XLIFF import/export.


Choose a language

Pick the language you currently have in your project and choose the destination language.


Click Translate

Translate the entire project, selected objects, or create a new project of the translation and/or add them to your existing project.

Benefits of Video Translation

Grow your audience

Open up your video content to a global audience with simple and fast video translations with subtitles.

Save costs

No need to pay third party companies for your translating needs, get it all done in Moovly!

Improve accessibility

Make it easy for non native speakers to understand your content by adding translations.

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