Enders Game

Ivette Juarez2
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THIS ANIMATION TALKS ABOUT ENDERS GAME.when aliens attack earth mazer rackham manages to prepare for their visit ot earth and creats a program to find  the next mazer , they will choose one of the smartest people in a military program .Ender wiggin is one of those smart people in the military program he exhibits an unusual gift for prepearing and training for next battle he easily does all of the battles thrown at him Mazer rackham takes ender to better prepare him for the oncoming war with the aliens Mazer rackham is sure that this time they are going to destroy their Quenn. Ender tries his best to defeat the aliens but he knows that he doesnt have to do it but the mazer keeps tellin him that they are traying to destroy the human kind to colonize earth with the aliens spice so at the final battle he defeats them but he has a feeling that he did the wrong thing so in his dreams he tooks to the Quenn of the aliens and he promised he will find a please were the aliens will live as a sorry for destroying their planet.