60-second Video Pitch

Terence Tan Wei Ting
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PITCH AUDIENCE My primary audience for this video pitch are Singaporean youths aged 18 and above; a secondary audience is teachers and parents. PITCH SCRIPT This is Sam. He’s going to university to study Law, although he’s not that interested. But since lawyers get paid really well, he thinks it should be OK. This is Amanda. Armed with a business diploma, she’s starting work next week at a large multinational firm, but what she really wants to do is to be a pastry chef. Unfortunately, Sam and Amanda are not alone. About three quarters of all Singaporean young adults are not happy with their work. So what can we do about this? At Mind the Gap, we believe that the few months between school, National Service, and work is the best opportunity for you to explore your passions and discover your interests. We’ll have an online portal as a one-stop resource for youths planning their gap year experience. The site will allow you to tailor your experience according to your interests and time available. For those of you planning a more complex endeavor, we offer one-to-one mentorship to guide you through the process of planning your gap year experience. And we’ll have strategically-timed gap year fairs where organizations can give you more information about the opportunities available to you. If Sam and Amanda had used their gap year to delve deeper into their passions, who knows where they’d end up today? Those few months might be the gateway to career and life satisfaction – but only if you mind the gap.