Legal Anticipation

johnny lam
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The relationship between legislation and society progression forms an important aspect of legal development. As societies continue to advance, unresolved issues have given rise to the concern that the traditional way of legal development is hindering many modern legal systems’ ability to prevent problems from arising. The purpose of this study is to suggest that modern legal systems should incorporate a way of thinking that will enable law-makers to predict the areas of law that will be desirable in the near future – legal anticipation. By anticipating potential issues, it aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in which rising issues are resolved and encourage law-makers to think ahead. The method of study involves a traditional way of analysing and evaluating relevant publications that are written by academic thinkers and a non-traditional way of gathering legal development ideas from internet sources such as ‘Reddit’. This study will draw on the aspects that include: development, purpose, efficiency, effectiveness and limitation of law. The intended outcome of this study is to introduce legal anticipation to academic thinkers and encourage further researches to be conducted on this topic.