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Abraham Lincoln was very analytic in his thinking and is believed to an introvert to some point, deriving energy from other places. He follows his moral code on his “sixth sense”, and does what he believes is right. Even though he does follow this “sixth sense”, he still is a very logical thinker, which makes him analyze the pros and cons and try to find solutions. He was named Honest Abe for his honesty, which supports him being intuitive and thinking.  Marie Curie is an intellectually talented person, who discovered two elements, radium and polonium. She contributed to modern-day knowledge of radioactivity from her theory of radioactivity. Marie is a rational thinker, which works countless hours to solve a perplexing problem. She is reserved around strangers, but very open around close friends and family. The main trait of finding solutions to problems and developing theories are what distinguish her as an “architect.”  Yoda was an analytic thinker, who appeared to be strict or a grandparent figure. He is reserved and a serious exterior, but a very passionate soul deep inside. Respects and appreciates intellectual capabilities from other people. He stays on task and has an ability for theories and solving predicaments.  Abraham Lincoln was completely self-taught. He learned most of his knowledge from books, because was hard to find a school or teacher on the frontier. His mother drank the milk of a cow who ate a poisonous snake root plant. Following their grieving, his father found Lincoln’s new mother, who started his education. Teachers on the frontier were rare, so anyone who could read and write was asked to be a teacher. In return, the people would spare any extra food to give to the teacher to repay them. Teachers could whip the students to keep them in order, and if they misbehaved, then the punishment is to wear a dunce cap and sit in the corner for the rest of the day. A dunce cap is a coned hat which symbolizes a mark of disgrace. Abe had to walk four miles to get to his school, and he was always early. He did his arithmetic on a fire shovel. His sister taught him to write and encouraged him. He would write poems in his free time, when he got tired of arithmetic. The neighbors though him to be a wizard for being able understand Latin, and he would write the poems on dust or snow. He had surprisingly had very neat handwriting, and his neighbors asked him to write letter for them. Abe though school was simple. "Abraham Lincoln." The White House. The White House. Web. 3 Nov. 2015.