Your own personal Panic Button™

Rebecca Vazquez
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The Panic Button™ is designed to help those who suffer from mild to severe anxiety. The Panic Button™ is a call button for those who are experiencing a panic attack, or about to experience one. When the button is pressed, headquarters is contacted. The operator addresses the situation, and from there decides to either contact the person's emergency contact, or contact medical professionals. There is also a corresponding app to the Panic Button™ that allows people to monitor the frequency of attacks and severity. This app also allows people to find the Panic Button™ if it is lost or misplaced, or disable the Button™ if stolen. The Panic™ app also has the ability to be tailored specifically to one needs. The app stores all basic information so it is available to authorities when contacted. The purpose of this product is to help those with anxiety feel safer when experiencing significant levels of panic and stress.