Halloween Ideas Through Video Content:
Add spookiness with animation

Dear Boys and Ghouls, welcome to the mysterious season of dark charm, frightening atmosphere, and supernatural surprises! Well, it is Halloween knocking on your door. Are you spooked to open up or ready to embrace the scares with us? If you are thrilled about the idea of upcoming shivers, scares, and screams, you came the right way!

Halloween is constantly changing and moving towards a more innovative format, which also means a continuous adaptation we should be acknowledged about for our scary tactics to work. At the same time, who nowadays have enough time to think through every little detail of the Fright Night? It’s already time-consuming to take care of some trick-or-treating candies, maybe few accessories for the monster costume, and your style of a pumpkin. Every one of us, clearly, wants to do something special with only little time or money invested in it. Seems like a struggle? Not at all! Keep on reading …

Let’s take a closer look at what Moovly offers this Halloween! You can get creative with all the devilishly good images, terrifying videos and spine-chilling sounds for only 5$. Maybe, in need of a mandatory training video on survival during zombie apocalypse for your workers or friends? The floor is yours, so, make sure to exploit all the potential of video during this Haunting Season.

Event Invitation To Get The Party Rolling

Organizing a Halloween event with your friends, colleagues, family members or any new vampires (that don’t suck that much)? Get a bigger crowd involved and let your gathering get famous. A visual invitation will bring people towards your fest and grab a bigger interest with its mystery and a creative approach. Don’t we all suppose that if it looks good and exciting it probably ends up being fun? Exactly. So, let’s play around with graphics and make an invitation masterpiece. You don’t need to overpay agencies to make it look professional or to find a friend with skills to come up with ideas. Drag a Halloween Moovly Clip and drop it into your video, add some personal touch, sprinkle of magic, some pumpkin spice, and here you go. Throwing a party has never been easier! Take a look at one of the clips and TRY IT

Personalized Scare For Some Extra Shivers

Sadly, Halloween might be losing its tricky part, and something needs to be changed. It used to be fun to wait till your parents in the coverups pass by your room-shelter and scare away those candy begging friends of yours. Things started to change, maybe, because of the fear of possible legal actions, loss of creativity, or simply laziness. Now, it’s easy to commit to some personalized scare pranks without any injury or property damage while keeping the same powerful effect. Add a customizable Halloween Clip from Moovly Collection, insert a picture of a friend you are planning to scare, and enjoy shocking results. The only thing a person can eat faster than a pack of crisps during a scary movie is a personalized experience. Get your friends scared and engaged at the same time with an animated prank.

Spooky Story That Will Haunt You Down

To enhance your storytelling at a Halloween night add visuals to make it feel more realistic and relatable. Content is a king, but visual interpretation is definitely a strong and independent queen, so, achieve a checkmate smartly. Make a video that intensifies the power of a horror story by including animated creatures, sceneries and ghostly sounds. Video is the most powerful storytelling weapon in your arsenal, which can come in hand during the late night Halloween story time. We hope you are ready to see those scared faces afterwards!

Pepper Your Promotion Content during Halloween

Halloween is a major annual event for taking advantage of market opportunities, so, how can you miss it? Spooky communication doesn’t need to be restrained by any rules of the previously produced content, but can be a more spellbinding tilt to your everyday marketing. You don’t need a big retailer budget to catch the eye of a customer. Keep the main focus on the idea of your message and create a magical wrapping based on visuals and sounds. Jump-start with your holiday marketing by advancing the look and feel of your products. Dress it up with some spookiness that Moovly has in its Halloween Collection.

Upgrade Your Halloween Memories

We end up with hundreds and hundreds of unorganized pictures and videos after the Halloween celebration that bring deep memories, but are too messy to enjoy to the fullest as a complete image. Photo albums are long out of use; sometimes, though, we still have this desire to go down the memory lane of the past events, don’t you have that too? At Moovly Studio, it’s easy to gather your pictures and videos, and enhance it with wicked visuals and sounds for a better travel into the past event and vibe around it.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video holds a much stronger value of 1.8 million words to deliver your story, portray a feeling, remind of an event, or just put your idea out there in the minds of people. Videos allow your creativity and sense of humor to shine, much more personally than the written content.

Exploit the opportunity of video application to transform this Halloween season into a thrilling mystery filled with pumpkin lamps, witch hats, shivers, ghouls, and the overall atmosphere of hole-and-corner stories. Stand out from the crowd by using Moovly’s Halloween Collection.

Happy Haunting!