When your Moov is ready, you can either Download it on your local computer or Publish it to YouTube, Facebook or the Moovly Gallery.  In all cases, your Moov first needs to be rendered. (What is Rendering?) As soon as your Moov is ready for downloading, you will get an email with a download link: click this link to Save the Moov on your computer.

Depending on the current load on our servers as well as the length, complexity and format of your content, rendering your Moov will take a certain amount of time before it is ready for download.  Some Moovs are ready for download after a few minutes, others may take up to an hour (or sometimes more in times of heavy load). We keep upscaling our cloud environment to meet the growing demand. 
Please also make sure that your email Spam Filter does not block these automatic system mails from Moovly's server. 

You can also download your video on the Moovly website: go to your Moov's Details page and click the Download button again. There you can check the progress: when your Moov is ready to download you will find a time stamped "Download video" option in the drop-down list behind the Download button. When your Moov is still queued or being rendered, the drop-down box will show "Preparing video" (refresh your page regularly to check the updated status). To download your video you just select the rendered version you wish to download (e.g. Download video, 2 minutes ago) and your video will be saved to your device shortly after.

Save the most recent version of your presentation or animated video and easily download it to your computer