When you create a presentation that includes Stop Markers, you can download the presentation as an HTML file that you can view with a browser. To do this, go to the Details page of your video and click the Download button below the preview of your video. Then select “Download presentation" and choose your download options. Your presentation will be rendered on our servers and you’ll receive an email from us when it is ready for downloading.

Download a presentation in html format

As soon as your presentation has been rendered on our servers, you will be able to download it as a ZIP file. After unpacking this file, you can play your presentation by double-clicking the start.html file. The Moovly video player will pop up in your standard browser (you don’t need an internet connection to play your downloaded presentation). You’ll be able to handle the progress of your presentation via the buttons at the bottom of the player, or the arrows or spacebar on your keyboard.
Make sure that you’ve installed the most recent version of your browser, as older versions might not fully support the HTML player.

Downloading your presentation as a video or Flash file on the website is no longer possible. However, your ZIP file will also include an MP4 file, just in case you wish to show you video presentation without the Stop Markers.