You can manage your content from the My Moovs dashboard: move your mouse over the thumbnail for the following options:

  • Details: click this button to view your moov, share it, export it, and change its title and description.
  • Edit: click this button to edit your moov and make changes to the content.
  • Trash: click this icon to delete your moov. (You can still restore deleted videos from your trash can: go to your my Moovs page and scroll down to the Trash can section, click the arrow next to the title to open the folder. Select the video you want to restore and click the restore button.)

Click on Details on the Thumbnail of your animated video

In the Details view, you have a number of additional options, using the buttons right below the video player:

Manage video options on the Details page of your animated video

  • Use the Copy button to duplicate your moov. This allows you, for example, to use an existing moov as a basis for a new one.
  • Click the Download or Publish button if you wish to download or publish your video.
  • Use the Share button to share the source code of your video with someone else.
  • The Set Thumbnail button allows you to determine the thumbnail of your moov as shown on your My Moovs page: drag the horizontal scrollbar in the video player to the frame you would like to use as a thumbnail, and then click the Set Thumbnail button.

You can also change the name and description of your moov.