8 Steps to Publish your Moov to YouTube

Want to publish your Moov to YouTube to show the world what you have created?
If you want to do this, it’s a simple process!

Follow these Steps:

Note! The first two steps you need to do only once.

1. You need to have an existing YouTube channel. If you don't have one, please read here on how to create a free YouTube channel.

2. Connect your YouTube account to your Moovly account by clicking on the button.

  • Make sure any pop-up blockers are disabled. Read here on how to disable pop-up blockers.
  • Read the message in the pop-up and accept it.

3. Log in to your Moovly account at moovly.com, and click on ‘My Moovs’ in the drop down underneath your name:

Moovly FAQ settings, Publish to YouTube


4. Once you’re in your ‘My Moovs’, click on the details icon of the Moov you wish to upload to YouTube (the details icon looks like a little eye):

Moovly FAQ details icon, Publish to YouTube


5. Click on button "Publish" and select YouTube:

Moovly FAQ publish, Publish to YouTube


Warning! You will see a message that asks you to connect to your social accounts to enable social publishing:

Moovly FAQ user settings, Publish to YouTube


Click the blue ‘Connect’ button next to ‘Connect to YouTube’. You will be prompted to complete your profile to earn 30 credits.

6. You will then see a rendering message:

Moovly FAQ rendering message, Publish to YouTube


7. You receive an email saying it was successful.

8. You can then admire your Moov on YouTube and tell colleagues, friends and family to also admire it!

Warning! If you use your videos on YouTube to generate advertising revenues, you must be subscribed to a Pro or Business license.

Happy uploading!