You can easily share your Moov with other Moovly users: click the Share button on the Details page of your video or presentation and enter the email address of the person you want to share it with. 

How to share a moovly video with someone

Then give that user a certain right: you can allow him or her to view, copy or co-edit the moov you're about to share.

Share your moovly video and work on it with others

When the invited person is not a Moovly user yet, he or she will receive an email invitation to quickly register on Moovly and get secure access to your shared content.

Please note that it's not safe to work on a shared Moov (co-edit) with more than one person at the same time. If multiple users edit the content at the same time, they will overwrite each other's work and changes will therefore get lost. So please check (before opening the Editor) whether you're the only one editing the content or not.

If your Moov is finished and you'd like to share the finished video or presentation with your audience for viewing, then you can publish your video to the Moovly Gallery and share it from there on your favorite social networks.