Online on Moovly

Yes, you have to be online. As the Moovly app synchronizes with the Moovly servers, an internet connection is required via either the Wifi network or via your mobile internet connection. Users with a Plus, Pro or Business license can also use their Moovs offline.

How can I save an offline version of My Moovs to my device?

If you are a user with a Plus, Pro or Business license, you can save offline versions of your Moovs to your iPhone or iPad. First, make sure there is a rendered version of your Moov. Then look for the 3-dots icon below your Moov thumbnail and tap it to reveal the options. Next, shift the “Available offline” button to the On position to download and save the Moov locally.

Save offline version of Moovs to device, be online and click on dots.
FAQ save offline version of Moovs to device, available offline/online



The Moovly app is currently only available for IOS devices: Apple iPhones and iPads. You can find the app in the App Store: search for Moovly or click/tap the icon below from your mobile device.

App store icon, Install the Moovly mobile app today