The Moovly app can significantly improve your experience.

When you create a new moov, the app helps you to easily show your Moovly content to others. It syncs with the list of Moovs you have and enables you to download your videos and presentations to your mobile device.

With the Moovly app, you can easily upload media to your Personal Library in Moovly:

  • Take a picture or use one from your Camera Roll
  • Record a sound (e.g. your voice)
  • For Plus, Pro and Business users: record a video or take one from your Camera Roll

Synchronize content with the Moovly cloud.

The media (pictures, sounds, videos) you add using the Moovly app are immediately synchronized with the web version of Moovl. You will also find them in your Personal Library in the Moovly Editor.

  • The Moovly app allows you to rapidly create new videos using a growing list of pre-made templates you can customize. These new app-made Moovly videos are synced with the Moovly web application for further viewing or even editing
  • Finally, you can easily edit your Moovly Settings and personal information 

Use the app for Moovly presentations

When your Moov is in Presentation Mode, the predefined pauses you have entered are also saved to your device. In other words, when you use Moovly for your presentations, your pre-programmed presentation stops will be available within the app playback. This means your content will pause at every stop marker.


How can I create new Moovs with the app?

Step 1:

You can use the app to create new videos using the templates available. To do that, go to “My Moovs” and tap the + icon on the bottom right hand side:

Create new moovs with the Moovly app, click on create button


Step 2:

You will then be taken to the templates, where you can preview, select and customize a template by entering text and/or uploading media:

Create new moovs with the Moovly app, select a category


Create new moovs with the Moovly app, selected business category


Create new moovs with the Moovly app, personalize category


Select a Moov template and personalize it by entering text, replacing pictures etc. The number of objects you can customize depends on the template you have chosen.


The Moovly app is currently only available for IOS devices: Apple iPhones and iPads. You can find the app in the App Store: search for Moovly or click/tap the icon below from your mobile device.

App store icon, Install the Moovly mobile app today