If you want to go beyond what's available in the Standard Moovly Libraries, the Moovly Marketplace contains a lot of add-on products and services you can use to make your videos or presentations look awesome.

In the Marketplace you can purchase additional library objects, including:

  • Additional graphical objects for existing styles: you can buy objects on an item-by-item basis or add a complete library to your collection. 
  • New object libraries in new styles: we continue to add new objects and libraries to the Moovly Marketplace. You can expand your Moovly Library with these new objects at any time.
  • Sound objects to add to your Moovs: in our Marketplace we also offer royalty free music that you can synchronize with your content.
  • Voice-over partners that can help you out with finding the right voice-over talent for your specific project. 

              Purchase extra animated objects in the Moovly MarketplacePurchase royalty free sounds and extended libraries in the Moovly Marketplace