If you start the Moovly Editor with an empty Stage (no preset or template), the background color of your Moov is white by default. You can change this default Stage color in the Stage Properties. You'll find these in the Animation Settings in the top right corner of the Editor. (If you don't see these properties, just click in an empty area of the Stage - not selecting any object.)


Click the square to change the Stage color and a color wheel will appear. Select a new color and close the color wheel.

Please note that this Stage color stays the same for the length of your moov. You can also use different backgrounds throughout your content:

  1. Search for a background or a transition: enter "background" in the search field (right above the Moovly library). Pick your favorite background and drag it to the Stage. You can change its color in the Properties panel.
  2. Use a Moovly object as background. For example, search for 'rectangle', pick a colored one and give it any color you like...  
  3. Use an uploaded image as background, e.g. a photo, a pattern, a drawing...

In Moovly, a background is just another object that sits behind all other objects. So make sure that, in the Timeline, it sits in a layer below the other visible objects. (Click the layer name and drag it to a lower layer if this isn't the case).