Once you’ve uploaded a video clip and dragged it to the Stage you can apply the following animation effects to the file:

  • You can apply all standard animations to the video clip: e.g. Fly in, Fade out, Move & Zoom, Shift Hand out…
  • You can split a video clip: First position the time indicator (the vertical red line) where you want to split the video clip. Next, put your mouse close to this red line and right-click the green video bar. Select “Split Video” in the right-click menu and your video clip will be split over two layers. (Double-click the file names to rename the video clips if you wish). If the split did not happen at the exact location you had in mind, you can still drag the border of the green bar to the left or the right to adjust its timing.
    Split a movie clip in Moovly when making videos  Split video clips are divided over two layers
  • You can pause a video clip (while your other animated content continues to play): Position the time indicator where you want to pause the video clip. Next, right-click the video bar that represents the video clip on the Timeline and select “Add pause” in the right-click menu. A pause and play button will appear on your Timeline. You can select and drag these buttons to the left or the right on the Timeline, depending on where you want to pause your video. Adjust the duration of this pause by dragging the play button to the left or the right on the Timeline. You can add as many pauses to your video clip as you want.
    add a pause to a video clip in Moovly  Modify the timing of a pause on the Timeline  Lengthen or shorten the pause on the timeline
  • The sound or audio of an uploaded video can also be altered: when a video layer is selected, a volume slider appears in the Properties area on the right hand side of the Editor. You can reduce the volume level or even mute the sound of your video, for example when you want to put other sounds over it (e.g. voice-over or music).
    add a pause to a video clip in Moovly

Please note that splitting your video is no longer possible once you’ve paused the video clip.