You can work with all kinds of sounds in Moovly and synchronize them with the animations of your graphical objects.  Sounds could be music, a voice-over recording or any noise or effect you want to add to support your animation. Moovly supports multiple audio formats.
There are 3 ways to add a sound to Moovly:

  • Upload an MP3 file to your Personal Library using the small speaker icon you find on the bottom left hand side of the Editor. Note: Please make sure you possess the copyright of the sounds you upload! Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.
  • Import a sound from the Marketplace. All music samples and sounds there are copyright-free.
  • Record your sound (e.g. your voice) using the small Microphone icon you find on the bottom left hand side of the Editor.

upload sound to Moovly or record your own voice

When you upload or record a sound, the file is added to your Personal Library. When you’ve purchased a sound in the Moovly Marketplace you’ll be able to find the object in the “Marketplace objects” section of the Moovly Library. To use a sound in your video, select a sound file and drag it to the Stage. You’ll notice that the sound is added to your Timeline: there you can shift its position and synchronize it with the visuals. Once you added the sound to your video you can also edit and animate it.