In Moovly you can easily save scenes to your Personal Library and reuse them in other Moovly videos. This means that you don’t have to recreate your custom intro, transitions or outro every time you create a new video.

To copy a scene to your Personal Library, you first select the scene by clicking on its thumbnails. The scene border then turns red and all objects that are part of the scene get a red timeline bar. Only these objects will be part of the saved scene; objects that overlap with other scenes will not be copied to your Personal library. 
Right-click the thumbnail bar and select "Copy scene to Personal Library". Give your scene a name and click the save button to add it to your Personal Library, including all its objects and their animations.

Save content to your personal library

To reuse the scene in another video, open your Personal Library and open its “Scenes” section. Select the scene you wish to use and drag it to the Timeline. All of its objects and their animations will be inserted before or after one of the exiting scenes.

Reuse or copy movie content from one video to another, Moovly makes video making really easy

This feature is available to all Pro and Business users.