Once you've added a sound to your animation, you have a few simple sound editing options at your disposal:

  • You can modify the volume level of your sound. To do that, first select the sound in the Timeline (its background turns blue when selected). You will see a Volume slider in the Properties window (top right). Use this slider to set the sound level you want.
    Change the volume of a sound in your Moovly video
  • You can split a sound: First position the Playhead (the vertical red line) where you want to split the sound. Next, put your mouse close to the Playhead and right-click the sound bar. Select “Split Sound” in the right-click menu and your sound will be split over two layers. (Double-click the sound names to rename the sounds if you wish). If the split did not happen at the exact location you had in mind, you can still drag the border of the bar left or right to adjust.
    Split sound when making video in Moovly
  • You can add a Fade In or Fade Out effect to your sound. To do that, first select your sound an click "Choose Effect". You can adjust the length of the Fade effect by dragging the small border bullets to the left or the right.
    Add animation effects to a sound when making a video with Moovly  Choose a sound animation effect and add it to your animated video  Adjust the timing of the sound animation effect