You can use Moovly to create animated explainer videos, video presentations, e-cards, infographics and other animated content.
Creating a Moov using the Moovly editor is very easy. Here’s a Quick Start explanation:

  • Search the Moovly library for an object you’d like to use
  • Drag the object from the Library to the Stage
  • Adjust the object to your needs: position it, resize it or rotate it. Use the Properties Panel to change other properties, such as color, background or – if available - object-specific properties
  • Now you can adjust the timing of your object: for every object you put on the Stage, a corresponding bar appears on the Timeline.  There you can adjust the object’s timing and animations.
    • Drag the gray bar to the left or the right to change the object’s appearance and disappearance timing
    • Drag the edges of the gray bar inwards or outwards to make the appearance duration shorter or longer
    • In front of the object’s name, you can see a little arrow. Click that arrow to open the animation options of the object.  Click “Choose Animation” to open the list of available animation effects.  Select an animation and adjust its timing by dragging the small edge bullets to the left or the right.
  • Add a Text object by clicking the “T” icon right above the Stage. Your mouse cursor then changes into a letter T.  Click the Stage where you want to put your text. Enter your text and adjust the text properties (font, size, color) in the Properties Panel.  You can now control the timing and animation of this Text object on the Timeline, in the same way you do for other objects.
  • Upload a sound or voice-over by clicking the Sound Icon at the bottom of the Library.  Then select a sound file on your computer.  If you don’t have sound files ready, you can also record your voice: click the Microphone Icon at the bottom of the Library.  Once added, you can control the timing of your Sound by dragging the corresponding blue bar to the left or the right.
  • Continue adding objects and synchronize them to the sound until your content is complete.
  • When finished, make sure to save your content by clicking the Save Icon in the top blue bar.  Then close your window and confirm the “Leave this page?” question.

See also "How to Get Started with Moovly" or take a look at our User Guide for a more detailed explanation on how to use Moovly.